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If you are thinking of buying a tank, the choice is easy with a quality, stylish, Bendigo made TownTank.

After receiving better than expected rain fall over recent months, there is never a better time to start storing water to keep your garden green and lush right through the warmer months.

A TownTank is the ultimate accessory for any home as it is guaranteed to reduce your water bills and give you true water freedom. Some lifestyle benefits you could expect with a TownTanks include:

  • Watering the garden or washing to car however and when-ever you like
  • Utilise your tanks for fresh drinking water
  • Connecting to a pump and wash down paths, driveway and windows and so much more
  • Consider connecting it to your toilet or laundry for a generous government rebate on tanks over 2000 Litres.

Remember when it comes to storing water 1mm of rain falling on 1 square metre of your roof is equal to 1 litre of water in your TownTank. When calculating the size of tank you need, keep in mind that the bigger the tank you install the more reliably and effectively it will meet your needs, especially through the dry periods.